Are Gen Z ready for leadership?

Are Gen Z ready for leadership?

Corporate leadership is traditionally associated with experience and age. The conventional wisdom is it takes many years to accumulate the knowledge and expertise needed to run a company.

However new generations of workers are challenging this idea today. As young millennials and even Gen Zers ascend to leadership positions. They’re bringing fresh perspectives, new approaches and a different mindset to management.

These young people are eager to take the reins and redefine leadership but are they ready?

According to a 2021 survey about 1.500 Gen Zers, 45% said they are very or extremely likely to start a business.

But young people haven’t yet navigated a variety of economic cycles, or had time to develop all the institutional knowledge needed to run a company. Perhaps most importantly, they might not have the emotional intelligence or the necessary soft skills. Although, youth may have the advantage of approaching leadership without the institutional blinders that often stifle innovation. Additionally, Gen Z’s innate digital dexterity, compared with older generations can help us make the most of the digital age.

Management experts say, there is no one right age for leadership and inexperience can be both positive and negative. Youth is both an asset and a liability. Ultimately, the right age to lead depends on the individual and the situation.