3 in-demand skills employers look for on your CV

3 in-demand skills employers look for on your CV

The difference between landing a job offer or rejection can come down to skills. According to new research from ResumeGenius, which surveyed over 800 managers; the majority of hiring managers (88%) place a higher value on hard skills than soft skills or work history when vetting resumes.

Information technology (IT) skills, such as blockchain, AI and cybersecurity, are the most in-demand hard skills that employers are hiring for. Here are the top 3 in-demand hard skills employers want to see on your resume:

- IT skills

- Software development

- Data analysis

Hard skills have always been an important consideration in hiring decisions, but they’ve become “an even bigger priority” for companies now. The most important thing to keep in mind when including hard skills on your resume, or mentioning them in a job interview, is to be specific and provide clear examples.

So instead of writing “coding” under skills, for example, you should include the specific types of coding you’ve done for work, like HTML or Javascript.

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